We are group of technologists, designers, creative minds, thinkers and dreamers. We created Muktakosh as a platform for creative minds to come together, discuss and innovate. We plan and build solutions focused on the future, with an aim to solve real problems or identify problems before their time.

We want to help drive changes that can usher in the next level of intelligence, while making innovation as open, unencumbered, transparent, usable and accessible as possible.

Everything we do as Muktakosh involve these three principles:

  1. Research: Research on technologies in communication, artificial intelligence, design and data.
  2. Publish: Implement those researches as usable products/services that are made available in the open, for free (as in freedom).
  3. Sustain: Ensure basic sustenance of the project to meet all of these goals without compromising on quality.

The name “Muktakosh” is a neologism derived from Sanskrit. “Mukta” stands for open/free/libré and “kosh” means collection/cell/group/repository. You get the drift, don’t you?